We are Hiring!

We are hiring!

We have open positions available for Nights and Weekends Cleaning Technian

Give us a call to schedule an interview!  Join a team that strives to be the best of the best.

We are looking for responsible and reliable individuals that work independently cleaning commercial and residential building.  The right individual must be trust worthy and is willing to learn.

Cleaning experience is preferred but not required we will train the right person.

Call today! (603)632-1345

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Thank You Pro-Cut International

Right Way Cleaning’s commercial building of the month is Pro-Cut International. A leading manufacturer in On-Car Brake Lathes. Pro-Cut International is celebrating their 25th Anniversary. Right Way Cleaning of Lebanon, NH has had the honor of being of service to them for the past ten years. Thank you Pro-Cut International and congratulations! We look forward to many more years of working together!

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Lebanon, NH March Cleaning Special!!

RWC Deep Clean AdThat’s right its that time of year again. We’re all getting ready to welcome spring back to our area and Right Way Cleaning of the Upper Valley is here to help! Spring cleaning is what we do best and this year we’re going to do it at 10% Off our regular Cost!  Residential, commercial, big or small, we’re equipped to handle the job. Don’t forget to visit us on http://www.facebook.com/rightwaycleaning for updates and the latest deal!

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Cleaning service for the Upper Valley


It is our pleasure to be of service to the Hanover,Lebanonand the surrounding towns, during this busy moving season.  We strive to be of service even in short notice, but here are a few tips to help move go a little easier.

v    Call the cleaning company as soon as you have a tentative date.

v    Be sure they can give you reliable references

v    Ask the landlord what his or her expectations are, carpets, or windows etc…

v    Do a quick walk thru with them and go over your expectation

v    Be sure not to over lap the movers and the cleaners schedule

v    Decide how the cleaners will get in if you are not going to be there.

v    Give a cell number that you can be reached during the time of cleaning incase they are locked out or if they need more information on the job.

v    Let the landlord do a walk through before the cleaners leave to sign off the job.  If more needs to be done it can be taken care of quickly, with your permission. This will guarantee they are satisfied with the job and you are guaranteed to receive your deposit back.

Information, compliments of Rightwaycleaning.com, Servicing Dartmouth Real Estates and many others in the Upper Valley




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Auto Detailing in the Upper Valley

Yes!!  There is a professional detail-er in the Upper Valley.  Right Way Detailing has arrived.  They are a sister company to Right Way Cleaning which has been servicing the Upper Valley for over 10 years.  They have brought another quality service to us.  Now is the time to make your appointment to give your vehicle the cleaning it needs.  Take care of your investment by adding protection to the exterior and interior.  Increase the value of your car, boat or RV. Call them at 603-727-9729 or email at mitchellsmith@rightwaydetailing.com.  This is what we have all  been waiting for!

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Right Way Detailing Lebanon NH

Right Way Cleaning is proud to welcome in Right Way Detailing.  Right Way Detailing is located at 345 Miracle Mile Lebanon NH. They can be reached at 603-727-9729 or email them at mitchellsmith@rightwaydetailing.com. Finally a professional detailer in the Upper Valley. Right Way Detailing is an accredited detailer, certified in the latest technologies. If you would like a vip wash or a full detail they can accomondate your needs. Sign up for their free e-news letter and recieve the latest discounts and promotional sales notices.  Right Way Detailing is located just of f exit 19 off I-89.  We hope to be off service to you soon.

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Ten Basic Ingredients for Green Cleaning

Just ten basic ingredients that are probably already in your home will tackle most cleaning jobs.  Your home will sparkle, germs will still run in fear from your sponges and rags, and your indoor air will be better than ever.

The Basic Ten

Stock your cupboards with these ten products, and you can clean just about anything:

1) White vinegar:
An antifungal that also kills germs and bacteria.

2) Baking soda
: Eliminates odors and works as a gentle scouring powder.

3) Borax:
Borax, the common name for the natural mineral compound sodium borate, eliminates odors, removes dirt, and acts as an antifungal and possible disinfectant. Use with care around children and pets, as it can be toxic if swallowed.

4) Hydrogen peroxide (3% concentration)
: A great nontoxic bleach and stain remover, as well as a proven disinfectant.

5.) Club Soda (fresh): A stain remover and polisher.

6.)  Lemon Juice: A pleasant-smelling nontoxic bleach, grease-cutter, and stain remover. 

 7.)  Liquid castile soap: An all-purpose cleaner, grease-cutter, and disinfectant. “Castile” means the soap is vegetable-based, not animal-fat-based.

8.) Corn meal: Great at picking up carpet spills.

9.) Olive oil: Makes a wonderful furniture polish.

10.) Pure essential oils: Adding all-natural, organic essential oils to your cleaning concoctions can add wonderful scents to your housekeeping endeavors. Some—such as lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and tea tree oils—also may have antibacterial, antifungal, or insect-repelling properties. To find pure, organic essential oils, visit your local health food store.

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Round Cleaning and Square Cleaning

I will never forget my experience with one particular elderly customer so many years ago.  I had just been hired on and was being given a tour of her beautiful home filled with antiques and memorabilia.  As we wandered through the vast first floor, she remarks “keep in mind some days you will be doing round cleaning and other days square cleaning.”  After a quick review of my grand knowledge of cleaning, I had to ask.  What is round and square cleaning?  She quickly looked at me as if I had three heads.  It was obvious that she was used to the term. I just smiled and waited for her reply.  “On our round cleaning days you will only need to clean around the furniture and on other days you will clean squarely in to the corners and move furniture.   She is right.  We did a lot of both. 

Even though I do not use this term, I have adopted the idea.  Regular weekly or bi-weekly cleaning is always needed, but sometimes a deep one time cleaning is necessary.  Many individuals only want round cleaning and others want square cleaning.  Both methods have their place.  Most homes and offices need both depending upon the time of the year or events going on.

Modifying the cleaning scale to fit the customer’s needs only makes sense.  It is always encouraging to know that a cleaning service is listening to what you want to have done versus making their own analysis.

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Right Way Cleaning, LLC earns local recognition

Right Way Cleaning, LLC has been voted “Best of the Best” for the Upper Valley’s Commercial Cleaners, earning the award once again.  For the past 5 years, Right Way Cleaning, LLC has been honored.  Area business vote for other businesses in various categories in surveys conducted by Market Surveys of America.  All of us at Right Way want to thank our commercial customers for their vote.  It is our goal, with or without the distinction, to provide the highest level of service to all of our customers.  Again, thank you for you patronage.

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Association of Residential Cleaning Services International


Business Network International


Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification

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