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8 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. “We are a residential/recreational community and must have a cleaning crew that can meet the “demands” or expectations of the various facilities located throughout our common properties. Right Way Cleaning has bent over backwards for the community.”

  2. “We really enjoy your cleaning. It has been a breath of fresh air in our buildings.”

  3. “Right Way Cleaning… Dependable, timely and professional. Will work with you to accommodate your business schedule and special needs. Highly recommend in a field where these qualities are hard to come by.”

  4. “Right Way Cleaning service has been a very reliable company that has responded to our needs.”

  5. “Your communication, willingness to service, as well as your honest desire to provide quality service at a fair price are to be commended.”

  6. “When we changed cleaners earlier this year, better cleaning results were part of our consideration and your staff have met those goals. But more important to us is the respect for privacy and the confidential nature of our work. We had begun to suspect instances of petty theft by our prior cleaner and could not accept any possible breakdown in security. We must have people in our offices whom we can trust and hold to a high standard of compliance. We feel your firm can meet that expectation and we have confidence in your ability to maintain the highest respect for confidentiality among your staff

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