Round Cleaning and Square Cleaning

I will never forget my experience with one particular elderly customer so many years ago.  I had just been hired on and was being given a tour of her beautiful home filled with antiques and memorabilia.  As we wandered through the vast first floor, she remarks “keep in mind some days you will be doing round cleaning and other days square cleaning.”  After a quick review of my grand knowledge of cleaning, I had to ask.  What is round and square cleaning?  She quickly looked at me as if I had three heads.  It was obvious that she was used to the term. I just smiled and waited for her reply.  “On our round cleaning days you will only need to clean around the furniture and on other days you will clean squarely in to the corners and move furniture.   She is right.  We did a lot of both. 

Even though I do not use this term, I have adopted the idea.  Regular weekly or bi-weekly cleaning is always needed, but sometimes a deep one time cleaning is necessary.  Many individuals only want round cleaning and others want square cleaning.  Both methods have their place.  Most homes and offices need both depending upon the time of the year or events going on.

Modifying the cleaning scale to fit the customer’s needs only makes sense.  It is always encouraging to know that a cleaning service is listening to what you want to have done versus making their own analysis.

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